[Advocacy] New Invention that quiet the ringing sound in your ears

Krista quill at dowairy.info
Tue Dec 11 08:37:55 AEDT 2018


Everyone is beyond thrilled with this new solution

Loud ringing sound in your ears has plagued many and there is now a new solution that completely silences it for good.

The crippling sounds while being with your kids, sleeping, working, cooking, even reading can not only annoy you but harm your health. Luckily this new solution changes everything.

Industry experts at Harvard and Stanford has proclaimed this the best way to mute the sounds in your ears.

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The company is also exploring space tourism as a revenue stream, having promised to shoot a aire into space. Its hard to know precisely what this means for the companys longterm prospects because I dont have solid numbers about any of it. But it does represent a change in strategy between the leaked document and now, too, because space tourism wasnt mentioned at all in the WSJ report. I have lost the plot, havent I? This is the thing about a private company at least if you are attempting from the outside to figure out whats going on. Its possible to fall down rabbit holes and emerge bleary and confused, wondering if youve managed to piece together anything useful at all. In conclusion, I wind up back where I began no, SpaceX didnt stick its landing this week, but that hardly seems to matter.

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