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Everyone can rejoice

For anyone that has experienced a lound ringing sound in your ears there is now a new solution that completely silences it for good.

Go about your day without a high pitch sound crippling your
ability to work, play with your kids, watch TV, or even cook.


Experts at Harvard have come up with this new solution that mutes any high pitch sounds going through your ears.

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What constitutes a Smart City isnt well defined. In the broadest sense, a Smart City is one that uses electronic means to deliver services to its residents. But if you dig down even a little, delivering even on that simple promise of service delivery can be exquisitely difficult. For example, Smart City technology might strive to eliminate the need to call up your alderman to complain that the streets arent getting plowed. Instead, a network of sensors yes, an Internet of Things would know when the snow is falling, how much has fallen, where the snowplows are, when theyve last been on your street, and when theyll be there next. All of that would be delivered in a browser or app to anyone who cares to either dial in or build their own information utility using that freely available data.

And thats just one application. Consider all the functions that a municipal government provides, and it becomes readily apparent why no city is completely smart and how artificial intelligence and machine learning could readily get applied to the Smart Cities movement. Thus, the latest catchphrase of Smart City technology hawkers is AIoT: Artificial Intelligence incorporated into the Internet of Things. Inevitable tensions, however, have sprung up between AI/ML and the Smart Cities movement. One of the hallmarks of Smart Cities is the maximal openness and availability of the data thats collected to make a smart city possible. Chicago, for instance, publishes its government data, as do New York, Barcelona (here in its English version), Moscow, and the island nation of Taiwan. But AI and ML algorithms are obscure by their nature, not necessarily something that a councilman or community organizer can readily understand. Political processes in every jurisdiction reflect local customs, ne
 eds, and desires, any of which may include levels of scrutiny for, among other values, fairness in the provision of services.

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