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 More Sales + More Traffic


        Are you Serious about your site Ranking High on Search Engine?


What we offer?


1.       Hire a full time link Builder, 8 hours a day and 22 days a month.

2.       Hire a part time link Builder, 4 hours a day and 22 days a month.


Advantages of Hiring our Link Builder:


*         You have a fully trained, experienced and dedicated Link Builder,
working for you.

*         Link builder helps your site indexing in Search Engine (Google,
yahoo and Bing).

*         No per link cost.

*         No infrastructure and setup cost.

*         Our Complete Link Building Campaign is for high quality link
building Service.


Why our services:


*         With our contextual link building service you will be able to get
one-way links.

*         Get theme based links along with directory submissions and social
book marking.

*         Links with relevant "Keywords" in the Anchor Text.

*         All the links are 100% natural links and no links from link farms.

*         You will get your links from web pages with contextual content.

*         No links from pornographic, casino, Viagra and other sites
containing offensive content.

*         Links on the PR (0 To 5) web pages.

*         No JavaScript links

*         We are the cheapest contextual link building service in the market
to give maximum value for your money.

*         Link to your site should not be through a "redirect" script.

*         You will get detailed report weekly/monthly on the work done on
your website. 

*         All the links will be Google cached and indexed pages.

*         Link Builder would work only for you in 8 hours a day in full time
and 4 hours a day in part time in 22 days a month.

*        Ranking report of your website in various search engines.


Do let me know your views and I would be happy to provide further details.


           Kind Regards,

          Monika Sharma

Link Builder Executive


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those people whom we find eligible of using our services. To unsubscribe
from future mails (i.e., to ensure that we do not contact you again for this
matter), please send a blank mail, with NO as the Subject, so that we shall
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