[LC++]need help on .so files

Carlo Wood carlo at alinoe.com
Sat Aug 28 17:53:02 UTC 2004

To be honest - the reason I never post here is because
I am convinced that the problems that I have are too
difficult :p.  I never can find anyone who can answer
them - the only thing that is left for me is reading
articles on the web for a few days (Thank You Google),
a real research.

At the moment I am trying to write a small test case
to convince libtool people that they should support
building import libraries on mingw that are depending
on native (win32, msvc compiled) .dll's.  When after
a few days you find yourself correcting horrible bugs
in the official dlltool manual - you realize that it
is lonely at the top ;).

I guess that is because there are so MANY tops, to explore.

(Anyway, this is hardly C++ related ... hey, now
 I am mailing here anyway ... I have another MAJOR
 problem which *is* C++ related:

 My C++ project (developed on GNU/Linux - must run on
 win32 too) is in desperate need of another experienced
 C++ developer.  I've put up some ads on SF but all the
 people who replied (a dozen?) quickly vanished again.
 I honestly don't know why.  Maybe the project is too huge,
 too difficult or I am too demanding - you'd think.  But
 most just post two or three mails to me and already stop
 then (ok, ok - I am "demanding" them to join our development
 channel on IRC) ... others have started to try to compile
 what I wrote so far (which takes a good hacker a week to
 compile it it seems) - and either failed and disappeared or
 are still trying...

 Any C++ hackers out there who'd like a new challenge
 and want to join my project?  No I am not going to tell
 what it is at this point - chances are that there is
 nobody who has more than 5 years C++ coding experience
 AND has a lot of time to spend on a new project anyway.
 Hey - at this point I am willing to take people with
 ~2 years of experiece, provided they are intelligent,
 fast learners and have a LOT of time to waste on this
 (several hours per day))

Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com>

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