[LC++]Can I rely on log(0) = -inf ?

Dr Mark H Phillips mark at austrics.com.au
Wed Oct 2 15:41:01 UTC 2002


If I do

  cout<<"  log(0)      = "<<log(0)<<endl;
  cout<<"  int(log(0)) = "<<int(log(0))<<endl;

I get 

  log(0)      = -inf
  int(log(0)) = -2147483648

Is "-inf" an "official double number"?  Is this true across 
architectures, or only for Intel?

Is the int cast of -inf guaranteed to give the minimum integer
or is this only gcc behaviour?

What I want to do is use the test

  if (log(x)>0)

and have it do the sensible thing in the case of x=0, but can
I rely on this, or should I do the more complicated:

  if (x>0 && log(x)>0)



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