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You need a modem with "answer supervision."  Most don't
have it since all they care about is a valid carrier.

You can get peripheral cards, though, designed for telephony
applications such as AVR that will have that feature.  The
bus or AT-command protocol for answer detection depends
on the card.

What's done in some cases where answer supervision is not
available is that the terminal is inserted into the connection
after a preset duration .  So that, for instance, 2 seconds after
the call is dialed, the extension is inserted and the caller
may have to listen to a few rings.


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> I'm trying to make a program where I have some ordinary phonenumbers in 
> a database,  and then uses my modem to dialup for me.
> My problem is that I have no idear how to detect that the receiver has 
> picked up his phone. Anybody that knowns how to detect this.
> yours
> Peter
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