[LC++]template code not accepted by GCC 3.0.4

Vincent Penquerc'h Vincent.Penquerch at artworks.co.uk
Wed May 15 19:26:05 UTC 2002

> I have managed to compile the snippet you gave. The only 
> change is to replace set with std::set in the typedef line. I 
> didn't follow the link you gave to the original code.

Hmm, maybe the error is triggered by some other code then, and
GCC barfs on some other code because of the first error.
Thanks for your response.
Anyway, there used to be a CGI on Code Sourcery's web site that
allowed one to submit some code to the latest GCC CVS. However,
I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know if it is still here,
and where ? This would allow me to try different changes and
see what works and what doesn't...

Vincent Penquerc'h 
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