[LC++]enum, #define, const, static const, or member const???

Vincent Penquerc'h Vincent.Penquerch at artworks.co.uk
Fri Apr 5 23:23:04 UTC 2002

> > Making something private implies it is part of a class, so it is
> > not in the global namespace anyway.
> That is not correct.  'private' controls the accessibility: whether
> or not you are allowed to access in (by de compiler).  It has no
> effect whatsoever on the linker-level.

Yes, I agree :)
However, I was just pointing out that since it had to be in a
class (or a struct, but it's the same), then it had to be not in
the global namespace. This is a direct effect or being in the
class' namespace, thus an indirect effect of it being private
(since being private implies being part of a class). I did not
mean to imply that private directly affects the export or not.
Sorry for not being clear.

Vincent Penquerc'h 
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