[PHPwestoz] Hello Group

Evan Barter evan at wiredcity.com.au
Wed Mar 9 21:51:01 UTC 2005

Leon Brooks wrote:

>On Wednesday 09 March 2005 10:55, Jimmy Bowden wrote:
>>I'm having a spot of bother configuring php 5.0.3 to do graphics
>>like imagecreate(); under windows, using an apache server.
>Sorry, I do as little with MS-Windows as possible. 
Oh dear. It shows, Leon. ;)

For the record, Windows PHP binaries come complete with GD. All you have 
to do is remove the semicolon in front of extension=php_gd2.dll in your 
php.ini config. Then it's a matter of restarting Apache and you're on 
your way. Does this help solve your problem, Jim? Your post was kind of 


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