[PHPwestoz] Hellooooo?

Adam Ashley adam_ashley at softhome.net
Wed Jan 26 13:45:01 UTC 2005

>     * User input validation class

PEAR Validate or if you want Full form stuff PEAR HTML_QuickForm, with
HTML_QuickForm_Controller for wizards

>     * Date Handling class

You cant go past PEAR Date for this. Awesome object. Tho PHP5.1's built
in Date class will be worth checking out as well.

>     * Mailing class

PEAR Mail, combined with Mail_Mime for Mime messages.

>     * Error Handling class

I bet you where expecting another PEAR one here? well PEAR Error isnt to
bad, but i've found each system ive worked on ends up with its own one,
which normally involves user error handlers and PEAR Log.

Adam Ashley

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