[PHPwestoz] Educational Use of this list

Nicolas Connault nicou at sweetpeadesigns.com.au
Tue Jan 4 21:24:02 UTC 2005

Leon Brooks wrote:

>>On Tuesday 04 January 2005 18:59, Adrian Gould wrote:
>>>I'm a lecturer at SWAN TAFE and use PHP for teaching dynamic web
>>>development. If it is allowable, I would like to make the list a
>>>'compulsory' part of the course requirements.
>>I have no problem with that. Any other ayes or nays from the rest of the 
Sure, that would be great. I personally learned much more from the PHP 
documentation than any other source, but when I started I didn't know 
much about mailing lists. I think it would be a great complement to 
these students' curriculum.

I think that one issue, however, is to be aware of the different areas 
of specialisation of various users of this list, or levels of knowledge. 
Some users may feel embarrassed to ask simple questions. The best, in 
most cases, is probably to supplement answers with a link to the 
relevant section of the documentation, or a good quality article written 
on the subject.


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