[PHPwestoz] CMSs/web applications - opinions?

Nicolas Connault nicou at sweetpeadesigns.com.au
Tue Jan 4 14:17:01 UTC 2005

Samuel Cochran wrote:

> I'm out to write my own CMS, and before you say "you and every other 
> person..." i want you to know it's something different.
> something based on a truly granular permission system from phpBB 
> 2.1.x, using advanced user/group functionality - but what makes it 
> different is it's object and advanced JIT caching system. This is not 
> just a CMS but a web application framework that scales from the most 
> basic user wanting a simply page-based site to a complex 
> multi-functionality commercial site with forums/groupware/webmail/etc.
> I'm looking for ideas as to what functionality will be required 
> (although I have a fairly good idea) and wondered if you guys have any 
> favourite CMSs/web applications with special functionality that you 
> think should be incorporated.
> Thanks,
> -- Samuel Cochran
>   sj26 at sj26.com
>   +61 4 15441909

My only CMS experience is ZenCart, which I know fairly well, and have 
been able to customise quite a bit. Further from that, just a couple of 
forums and blogs, but not enough to help you out much, sorry.


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