[PHPwestoz] any opinions on moving to php5?

Sol sol at terminus.net.au
Mon Jan 3 13:47:02 UTC 2005

> Having migrated some of my applications to PHP5, I can reassure you by 
> saying that PHP5 is mostly backward-compatible with PHP4's OO syntax. 
> One of the main differences lie not in the OO syntax, but in a few 
> modules and functions, such as mysql functions, which must all be 
> migrated to "mysqli". To correctly write PHP5 OO code, you'll need to 
> modify your existing classes to take advantage of the many new features 
> that are available, but overall the migration is quite straight-forward.
> Don't hesitate to write about some specific problems you may encounter.

Thanks Nicolas, this is reassuring. I think I'll look into installing on
my laptop and start getting familiar with php5 and OO coding (which I
still don't fully 'get' ATM) for a month or two before installing it on
servers that I'm running. It'll give me time to get familiar with the
"little problems". 

Thanks; sol

> Cheers,
> Nicolas
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