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Andy Gelme geekscape at gmail.com
Wed May 18 10:52:47 AEST 2022

hi Damon,

Firstly, apologies to everyone who is waiting for their OHMC2022 
hardware to be delivered.  We've dropped the ball on both prompt 
delivery and (unacceptably) on communicating the on-going state of play.

Q: What's up ?
A: For a number of reasons, there has been a very long delay.  We 
stalled, but have not abandoned the project.

Q: Did it ever get build ?
A: Yes, completely built ... with one key function not tested (FPGA 
audio codec IC).

The hardware delivery is for 40 kits and we have ...

  * 51x SwagBadge2022 (ESP32) built and tested, waiting for MVP firmware
  * 41x Rocking (FPGA SAO) built with 25 tested and 16 to be tested, MVP
    gateway ready
  *  >40x ThePartyButton (simple SAO), some of which require a hardware

Q: Did it ever get delivered ?
A: Not yet.

We didn't want to ship without the FPGA peripherals being fully tested.  
Having to deal with too many failures and returns would be very difficult.

The attached PDF covers the current testing status on the Rockling (FPGA 
SAO) PCB.  The key untested part is the complete operation of the 
SGTL5000 audio codec IC over I2C / I2S by the FPGA.  Testing this part 
of the project turned out to be significantly more difficult that 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Over the past few weeks, we've considered the causes of the delay and 
the pros-and-cons of delaying shipping beyond this point versus 100% 
complete testing.  We've decided that based on the testing we have done, 
that the risk of a show-stopping flaw is low ... and we should deliver 
the hardware as built, as soon as we can.

The last detailed project update is here ... 
http://www.openhardwareconf.org/wiki/OHMC2022_Project_Status ... which 
I'll update again, then notify on this email thread.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As a side note: currently, all of your money for this project is being 
held in trust by Linux Australia.  We do not want to receive payment 
ourselves, until the hardware is delivered.

regards andyg

On 17/5/2022 22:09, Damon Permezel via linux-aus wrote:
> I paid for the LCA2022 SwagBadge  from last conference.
> All I got was an email saying it would not be ready in time for the 
> conference.
> Attempts to follow up with various parties has resulted in nothing.
> Anyone know whats up?
> Did it ever get built?
> Did it ever get delivered?
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