[Linux-aus] Display problem

Ashley heracles1108 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 09:57:54 AEDT 2022


I'm not sure which list to put this on but:

I have 3 computers Running Linux Mint:-

An old Lenovo gen 2 core i5 with 12 GB RAM which seems to run everything 

A new intel pentium gold 4-core machine with 16 GB Ram which often is 
unable to display pictures in Facebook with the latest version of both 
Firefox and Chromium and

A new Ryzon 5 3600 with 32 GB RAM and an nVidia 710 video card which 
also has the same display problem with Firefox and Chromium.

All three have some form of 256GB solid state drive as a primary and a 
One TB sata HDD.

I tried running SUSE 15 on the Ryzon but it locks up occasionally and 
forces me to use a hard reboot.

Note: the message on the page says to get a later version of the browser 
or restart it. I have the latest versions and restarting achieves nothing.

Is this a known problem or have I missed something?



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