[Linux-aus] efficiency of user groups

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Thu Mar 3 18:21:46 AEDT 2022

When running users' groups we don't want to waste effort reinventing wheels.  
Ideally we have people doing mostly what they are good at and what provides a 
benefit to users that can't be gained elsewhere.

For the Flounder group I asked Linux Australia for list hosting because 
running one more list on the list server is negligible effort but running a 
separate list server is a moderate amount of work for someone.

The LUV server uses Wordpress for the main site (with a bunch of plugins 
installed and maintained up to date), running 10 other Wordpress instances 
there would be almost no effort.  If any other free software users' group 
needs a self hosted Wordpress installation I could easily set it up, root 
access is available to people who have a community reputation for being 
reliable.  Also any other Apache/PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL site could be hosted 
without much effort.  As an aside the LUV Wordpress setup includes a plugin to 
export iCal files of future meetings.

Currently the LUV server runs a Matrix server which is minimally used by me 
and not used by anyone else (AFAIK, I gave a few people accounts but I don't 
think they use them).  Running a Matrix server for such a small number of 
people isn't efficient.  If there are other people in the community who want 
to use Matrix I can give out free accounts.  Otherwise it might be best for me 
to get myself an account somewhere else and save the effort of running it.


The LUV server has a chroot environment running Debian/Buster to run the 
Planet-Venus software for blog syndication.  It has my copy of the Linux 
Australia syndication as well as another instance for my personal use.  I 
could easily run dozens of extra instances with almost no effort.  If anyone 
has a use for this then let me know.  As an aside the planet-venus package is 
not supported in more recent versions of Debian.  But Buster has support for 
another few years and I'll find some other syndication software in a few years 

The LUV mail server has a single-domain Postfix setup.  Changing that to 
support multiple domains with web based administration wouldn't be that hard 
to do.  If someone needs a couple of contact addresses for their free software 
group then I could set that up.

LUV has a Wiki which isn't used very much.  Would it make sense to change that 
to a free software groups in Australia and New Zealand wiki and give access to 
more people?  That wouldn't be any more work for me than keeping it ticking 
over in it's current almost unused configuration.

Does anyone else have server resources that can be shared with the free 
software community at negligible effort?

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