[Linux-aus] internode/iinet/tpg ipv4 bogons in route

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Thu Jun 16 06:48:16 AEST 2022

On 15/06/2022 23:33, Damon Permezel via linux-aus wrote:

> Once I enable "Exposed Host" on the Fritz, pings work, and "mtr" is 
> able to reveal to me that there is no hop inbound.  Just 
> outbound.

WTF is this thread even here.. ISP's have been doing this for 30, yes 
THIRTY years, long before CGNAT and mobile. is this your first week into 

We one tried masking it with a local DNS name to match, but F M D, 
people cried sooky about that too even though it was in middle of 
internal routng, actually, used by big T on its LNS's LAC's and so on, 
some show up as * * * on some ISP's, some show them on others.

As others have said, RFC1918 addresses on the carrier side will not ever 
affect you on your end, if it did, do you think we'd use it in the first 
place, let alone still after 30 years.

Noel Butler

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