[Linux-aus] internode/iinet/tpg ipv4 bogons in route

Paul Gear paul-linuxaus at gear.email
Wed Jun 15 15:10:45 AEST 2022

The existence of that node on the path should not break mtr - it should 
continue trying increased TTLs until it gets to the end node.

Are you sure you're not blocking ping at your firewall?

On 15/6/22 14:35, Damon Permezel via linux-aus wrote:
> Breaks mtr.
> Im trying to diagnose some issues and the other party insists on mtr 
> working from both sides.
> Inbound to me the drops all pings and mtr goes no further.
> The ping is not addressed to It should elicit a ttl 
> expired icmp response.
> Thats the main reason this got my attention again.

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