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> On 13 Jun 2022, at 9:14 pm, Paul Wayper via linux-aus <linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au> wrote:
> On 13/6/22 8:55 pm, Joel Addison via linux-aus wrote:
>> Hi Simon,
>> The Linux Australia Council has been discussing this over the past few months to determine what should happen next year. We have not got all the details sorted as yet, but we should have an announcement in the next few weeks.
> Just an observation, then: Linux Australia intends LCA 2023 to be an online only conference.
> Let's assume that the LA Council makes an announcement by the end of June.  Given that the LA Council has not announced any request for volunteers to organise a committee, it seems to me that the LA committee will follow up the announcement about LCA 2023 with a request for volunteers.  That would take a couple of weeks at       least.  So from mid June the LCA organising committee would then have six months, roughly, to find a conference venue, dinner venues, keynotes, speakers, and caterers.  That, to me, seems... a lot of work in a short space of time.
> From about 2011 IIRC the lead time between a team forming and putting in a bid to run LCA and that team actually putting on LCA was pushed from one year to two.  I think the reason given at the time by the LA Council was that it had become too much work to put together an (then in-person) LCA in less than an entire year.
> So unless the LA Council has had a bid process it has not publicly announced and already chosen a team and that team already has several of the above major pieces of an in-person LCA already organised... then I think we can safely assume that it's going to be an online-only LCA.
> I looked in the LA Council minutes and the last council meeting that we have minutes for seems to be on the 12th of January 2022:
> https://linux.org.au/category/linux-australia/council-meetings/ <https://linux.org.au/category/linux-australia/council-meetings/>
> There don't seem to be any notes on LCA 2023 (in any form) in there.  I have to assume, given the lack of minutes, that there have been no other Council meetings since then.
> So I'm wondering...
> Why so coy about the form that LCA 2023 will take?
> Regards,
> Paul Wayper

Hi Paul,

You may make any observations you wish, but I haven’t said anything of the sort. We need to make sure all aspects of the event are in place before making announcements to give certainty to all those involved and all potential attendees, so as with any other year we will make sure this is all prepared prior to making the details public.

We are aware the minutes are not yet up on the website. This is something our secretary is working on at the moment and the minutes will be up soon. We have met every fortnight since the beginning of the year, bar one, and have covered many discussion topics during this time. 



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