[Linux-aus] please move technical support issues to another list

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Jun 12 07:14:04 AEST 2022

Yes, many technical alternatives, but with different cultures and
identities.  Some of them resist new posts by demanding use of a
template, or fail to respond to people with names or visible
identities that conflict with norms in other countries.

The value of this mailing list arises from the same effects we find at
linux.conf.au conferences;

- Australian language usage; making it just that little bit easier to

- Australian cultural identity; all those in-jokes are settled
  already, there's no desire to do the drop-bear thing,

- Australian society's acceptance of multiple identity; even if you
  are a hermit in the outback, your posts can be acceptable,

- geographical co-location; finding someone in your own area willing
  to come around to help, sell you something, or tell you about a job,

- temporal co-location; responses that happen in our own time zone
  rather than the huge wait posed by many international services.

I'm fine with the traffic so far.  It's my job to filter or
unsubscribe if I'm not.

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