[Linux-aus] please move technical support issues to another list

Info info at petermoulding.com
Sat Jun 11 12:31:06 AEST 2022

I find issues on a mailing list too hard to follow. When there is more activity, each item for a an 
issue is buried. Issues are better in an online forum where you can see all the entries for an issue 
in one page. At most, the mailing list should announce the creation of an issue. We could then 
subscribe or not to each issue in the forum.

This list is currently 5 or 10 email per day. I will unsubscribe if it is more.

I help people with Linux on two forums and both are set to send update mail only for the issues 
where I choose to subscribe. There is just one mail telling me there is an update, even if there are 
10 updates before I choose to visit the issue. This means I can concentrate on issues where I can 

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