[Linux-aus] 4K monitor sizes

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Wed Jun 8 19:27:40 AEST 2022


According to the above the DejaVu Sans and Droid Sans fonts are best for using 
few pixels.  I was using Courier monospaced before at 8 point and now DejaVu 
Sans at 7 point which seems more readable.  A fairly default Debian KDE setup 
doesn't have Droid Sans.  Are there any fonts that are better for few pixels 
than DejaVu Sans that I should try?

4096/7=585, so with some space used by scroll bars and a panel that means I 
get 4 terminal windows that are each 100 characters wide across a 4K display 
with a bit of extra space for a 5th column that is partly obscured.  That also 
gives 4 clear rows of terminals so I get clear visibility of 16 terminal 
windows that each have 100*25 text and for partially obscured windows that's 
another 9 more.

Based on discussions here I am convinced that 43" is the correct choice.  When 
holding up a meter ruler to my current 27" monitor 108cm doesn't seem 
significantly bigger.  I just bought a Phillips 43" monitor because the price 
was good.

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