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Subject: 	Main Meeting tomorrow night on "Dealing with Programming 
Date: 	Mon, 6 Jun 2022 20:08:00 +1000
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Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of June and we'll be running our *monthly 
Main Meeting*.

As per-usual, we'll spend some time chit chatting, showing off a cool 
gadget, our hobby project or playing some guitar, because why not. Then 
we'll go through recent news in the Linux land and neighbouring islands. 
Finally we'll get into a group discussion on the topic of the month.

This month we discuss the *tools, tips and tricks we use when dealing 
with a programming language* that is unfamiliar to us. It might be a 
language we want to get more proficient in or simply a once-off job that 
needs to be dealt with. Bring on your experiences of how to run or 
compile code, how to debug or how to distribute software in a language 
you are good at or you simply had to deal with once!

If there are specific tips or tricks you would like to share during the 
meeting, [let us know][email committee] to include your name in the 
event description as a speaker, or otherwise simply bring it on during 
the discussion!

Link to join:

19:00 Meet and greet
19:30 News and announcements
20:00 Group discussion
21:00 Closure

You may find the details of the event on LUV website:

RSVP (Optional):

[email committee]: mailto:luv-ctte at luv.asn.au

Alexar Pendashteh
Acting President
Linux Users of Victoria

[LUV]: https://luv.asn.au/

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