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Nikolai Lusan nikolai at lusan.id.au
Thu Jun 2 15:41:02 AEST 2022

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On Tue, 2022-05-31 at 21:32 +1000, Russell Coker via linux-aus wrote:
> Has anyone had experience with a monitor larger than 40" on their desktop?  
> Currently Dell has a 27" USB-C monitor for $422 and a 32" monitor for $594 
> while Kogan has a 43" for $799 and I'm thinking of what to buy in July.

FWIW monitor size, like TV size, depends on how close you are going to
be sitting to it. If you are going to be close-ish, then you probably
want to go with a smaller monitor. The following website can help you
take viewing distance into consideration:

> Another possibility is getting multiple monitors.  For a long time I have been 
> unconvinced of the benefits of multiple monitors, but now I'm working at a 
> company where there's a USB-C dock at every desk with 2 monitors and I've got 
> used to working with 2 monitors in addition to a laptop display.  If I bought 
> 2 of those 27" USB-C monitors I could have them both on my desktop system most 
> of the time and connect one to a laptop on occasion when I needed to.  Linux 
> has really good support for dynamic plugging of monitors nowadays and 2*27" 
> gives me twice the pixels and 3/4 the area of a 32" monitor for about the same 
> price.

I would go for multiple monitors every time. When I first went to 2
monitors it changed my life - reference material on one, code on the the
other ... with no need to switch workspaces or alt-tab through multiple
windows. I eventually moved to 3 monitors because I was running out of
desktop space when doing to photo editing. With 6:9 monitors I run two
horizontal, and the third vertical. It's great for having documents open
an available at a glance. Having said that you also need to setup you
workspace properly so that you can make proper use of multiple monitors,
and as others have said it's not for everyone. I use XFCE and normally
have 9 virtual dekstops setup, each with it's own purpose. Adding
multiple monitors to it makes it even more useful. If you are running a
*nix machine and still need Windows (lets face it, there are somethings
that still need to be done with Windows or Mac) having a virtualbox, or
RDP, Windows instance pinned to one of your monitors can be useful.

I am in the process of moving to 4K monitors, and my current residence
is a temporary place for the next few months. Once I am settled
somewhere new I will be looking to setup another triple monitor case -
the monitor sizes will depend on the space I have available to use. I
would suggest considering the physical workspace and things like viewing
distance before deciding on monitor sizes. Like TV's there is such a
thing as too big for a space. When I bought my current [65 inch] TV I
was looking for something around the 55 inch range, but ended up with
bigger because of other considerations - it turns out the larger size
was perfect for how I ended up with things setup. You may find going
bigger, or smaller, might fit your needs better.

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