[Linux-aus] Flounder startup 5th Feb 1PM Melbourne time

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Sun Jan 30 14:48:54 AEDT 2022


The FLOSS Down Under group (Flounder) group is starting next Saturday 1PM 
Melbourne time (the above page summarises it).


The above URL will redirect to the meeting URL, it's deliberately short so if 
your primary device has an issue you can quickly type it into another device.

We haven't entirely decided on the main feature, but thinking of having it be 
hands on training on BTRFS and ZFS while at the same time discussing new 
advances (both new technology and older technology that has become cheaper and 
thus more usable) in storage for FOSS systems.  If there's someone who has 
experience with Optane on Linux who could give a 10+ minute talk about it then 
please contact me off list.

The meetings will include a summary and discussion of new free software that 
is noteworthy (with input welcome from anyone who thinks we missed something 
noteworthy).  We will also have some mention of recent security issues and 
other changes to the environment that we operate in.

Anyone who wants to contribute to a meeting can contact me in advance to have 
some time reserved for a lightning talk or a feature talk at a future meeting.

Please forward this message to all free software users groups in Australia and 
NZ.  Note that this is not designed to compete with existing LUGs, but to 
offer something different.

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