[Linux-aus] Reminder: Register to attend the Linux Australia AGM

Linux Australia Secretary secretary at linux.org.au
Tue Jan 11 15:02:05 AEDT 2022

To all members of Linux Australia,

This is a reminder that members need to register to attend the online AGM.

The meeting will be held by video conference using Zoom, attendees
must pre-register at this URL using the same email address that they
use for Linux Australia's member site:

Once registered, you should receive a confirmation email, please
remember to check your spam folder.

The meeting will

   (a) confirm the minutes of the last preceding annual general meeting
and of any special general meeting held since that meeting,
   (b) receive from the committee reports on the activities of the
association during the last preceding financial year,
   (c) elect office-bearers of the association and ordinary committee
members, or to announce the results of a ballot held prior to the annual
general meeting under clause 15(5),
   (d) receive and consider any financial statement or report required
to be submitted to members under the Act.

I also hereby call for any agenda items to be tabled for discussion at
the Annual General Meeting.

With kind regards,
Clinton Roy
Secretary, Linux Australia

[1] http://www.linux.org.au/constitution

Linux Australia Secretary
Providing the logistical, financial and legal framework for Open Source events

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