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Sat Sep 11 21:02:12 AEST 2021

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Subject: [luv-announce] Brainstorming session for LCA proposals // Tomorrow at 
Date: Saturday, 11 September 2021, 15:45:01 AEST
From: Alexar Pendashteh via luv-announce <luv-announce at luv.asn.au>
To: luv-announce at luv.asn.au

Hi all!

This weekend is the deadline for submitting a talk to LCA 2022:

>From the page:
*"Deciding what to speak about at linux.conf.au <http://linux.conf.au> can
be a tough challenge, particularly for new speakers."*

We are hosting a brainstorming session to help members with their proposal

*Time*: Sunday, 3pm
*URL*: https://venue.electronworkshop.com.au/b/luv-fab-onf-sjp

*Join to support people who are considering submitting a talk*
The more people we have on the call, the better we can support people with
talk ideas.

*Join to present your ideas for a talk*
You may have potential ideas for submitting a talk but are not sure if they
are relevant or how to put them together in a proposal. This is a good
opportunity to bring up your idea and get support.

*Join to help us test our new BBB installation*
We are preparing our new BBB installation for the Software Freedom Day next
week. The more people attend, the better we can test the server under
stress. We can also find potential incompatibilities with certain devices,
browsers etc.

Hopefully see you tomorrow afternoon!

+ Alexar


*Alexar Pendashteh*
Acting President

*Linux Users of Victoria <https://www.luv.asn.au/>*

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