[Linux-aus] Community Update: a small reminder. linux.conf.au 2022 Call for Sessions open + Extended

President, Linux Australia - Sae Ra Germaine president at linux.org.au
Thu Sep 2 22:17:47 AEST 2021

**apologies for cross-posting** TL;DR: Submit your talks for LCA2022 - 
pretty please!

Dear Community,

It’s been a very long time between emails. You may or may not have seen 
emails and alerts on social media going around about our wonderful 
conference linux.conf.au 2022. Following the success that we had in 
January with LCA2021, we thought we would try it again.

But…. sadly the call for sessions has now been open for 2 weeks and we 
unfortunately don’t have enough sessions to fill the entire 3 days. 
Excitedly though, we have plenty of keynotes (more info on that to come 
soon once we have firmly locked them in place 😁).  Thank you to those 
who have already submitted, they are looking fantastic and as it is I 
would struggle to work out which one I would want to see live the most!

I would really love for this conference to go ahead, LCA is what brought 
me into this community and it is what has convinced me to hang around 
and contribute back. I know most of us are fatigued by the pandemic and 
online events, but regardless of Online vs Face-to-face, it was amazing 
to see everyone and all your wonderful faces and I’d love to do it 
again. While online isn’t ideal, it’s the best option we've got and we 
want to make the best of a bad scenario (and not cancel it entirely).

So this is a bit of a plea from me. Please submit a talk, join us in 
January. We have the "venue" sorted, sponsors organised, miniconfs 
chosen, keynotes ready, now all we need is a wonderful program of 
sessions for our community to listen and watch. We also have MiniConf 
specialist tracks focussing on System Administration, Kernel, Open 
Hardware and GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) so submit 
there as well!

Some ideas for session submissions are:


    Are you working on a new ground breaking project and want to share
    the details or launch the code?


    Did you give a talk at LCA 10 years ago? How about using the same
    slides and giving the talk again but this time updating us as to
    where things got to: did you ditch the project, or did it thrive and
    become bigger than you expected?


    Are you contributing to an Open Source community and you want to
    share your wisdom with us?

Now because I’m sending this out and the call for sessions was due to 
close this weekend we’ve organised to extend the deadline by an extra 
week. Our wonderful Session Selection Committee is ready to review 
submissions from the new deadline of 11:59pm Sunday 12th September 
(Anywhere on Earth). Submissions can be made from: 

Also spread the word! If you know someone who is working on or has 
something interesting to say then recommend that they submit.

Looking forward to seeing you all in January,

Sae Ra

Sae Ra Germaine
President and linux.conf.au 2022 Session Selection Committee Member
Linux Australia

president at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
GPO Box 4788
Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479

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