[Linux-aus] Exciting news from linux.conf.au 2021

Sae Ra Germaine - Chair linux.conf.au 2021 chair at lca2021.linux.org.au
Sun Oct 4 21:44:25 AEDT 2020

Hi Everyone!

For the first time ever, LCA2021 is going to have an electronic 
conference badge! Over the next couple of months the badge and a variety 
of add-ons will be designed and produced, ready for hacking and fun 
interaction during and after the conference.

The badge will feature an ESP32 processor, two OLED screens, and headers 
using the “SAO” (Shitty Add-On) header format so that it can be 
customised and expanded in whatever way you like.

To follow along the development process and get involved in making your 
own add-ons or software customisations, see the wiki page at


We have many fun plans for the badge, allowing conference attendees to 
interact with each other through the badge and to learn about 
distributed IoT systems along the way. To get the latest news make sure 
you follow the Twitter account for the project:


So head on over to the wiki, follow the project on Twitter, and join the 


Sae Ra

Sae Ra Germaine
Chair, linux.conf.au 2021
President, Linux Australia

president at linux.org.au
Linux Australia Inc

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