[Linux-aus] Mailing List is now placed in moderation

Julien Goodwin secretary at linux.org.au
Wed May 6 00:50:01 AEST 2020

List members,

Some posts sent to the linux-aus list on Tuesday 5 May 2020, both before
and after the list was placed into moderation, fell well outside of the
Linux Australia mailing list policy[1] and were not acceptable.

Further responses either to that thread or on the same topic will not be
approved. If you have a strong opinion on this, please direct that to
myself or council at linux.org.au

The linux-aus list will remain moderated until it is clear that this is
no longer needed. No announcement will be made when moderation is
removed, and some individuals involved may have their posts moderated
for a longer duration.


Julien Goodwin
Secretary, Linux Australia

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