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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Wed Mar 25 17:42:05 AEDT 2020


The government advice is to "stay at home unless is absolutely necessary" and 
"avoid public gatherings".

I think that most of us are now spending most of our time at home.  Arranging 
online events will compensate for missed LUG meetings etc and mitigate the 
psychological impact of isolation.

I've raised this issue on the LUV mailing list but not got much feedback from 
others, which isn't surprising as there's a lot of stress and probably many 
people who might otherwise contribute don't have the energy.  So I think we 
need to organise this on an Australia wide scope (and probably invite people 
from other countries to join in).

The most obvious thing to do is to live-stream lectures or upload recorded 
lectures.  There's probably been a lot of great LUG lectures that haven't been 
seen by people in other states.  So if people from LUGs can track down some of 
their best speakers and ask for a video or live stream that would be good.

Another thing that I've been planning for a while is to have IRC (or any other 
group IM system) based online cooperative learning.  That could be for 
designed training courses (I'm happy to go through my BTRFS and ZFS training 
if people are interested) or for things where everyone learns together.  For 
the latter I was thinking about having set topics for different times, things 
like "setup as many free OSs as possible in VMs" or "test every FOSS 
filesystem that has checksums and see how they recover from random dd commands 
to the block device".

There are 2 types of reply I'm interested in.  Firstly I'd like to get replies 
from people who want to learn.  Secondly I'd like replies from people who have 
content, contacts, or the ability to develop content and run sessions.

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