[Linux-aus] Coronavirus

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Fri Mar 13 09:36:24 AEDT 2020

I have proposed that all in-person LUV meetings be cancelled from now until we 
believe that the disease is under control.


Coronavirus is spreading exponentially as diseases do.  People can be infected 
for as long as 14 days without showing symptoms, according to Wikipedia 5 days 
is the average time for symptoms to develop.  This means that we won't know 
when it gets really bad until at least 6 days after it has got really bad.

I propose that we have a Linux Australia policy of cancelling all in-person 
meetings from now until we believe that the problem is resolved.

If we cancel meetings before the disease gets really bad then people miss some 
meetings.  If we cancel meetings too late then we have the potential of 
needless deaths.

I have some plans for online education that can substitute for LUG meetings 
and would be happy to work with people from other states in doing this.  Maybe 
with LA coordinating we could use youtube videos and IRC based training to 
provide some of the benefits that people get from attending LUG meetings 
without exposing themselves to risk.

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