[Linux-aus] Proprietary MyGovID app to be the only way to login to ATO Business Portal

Jack Burton jack at saosce.com.au
Thu Apr 16 17:44:06 AEST 2020

On Thu, 2020-04-16 at 16:55 +1000, Ben Sturmfels via linux-aus wrote: 
> Another update. A representative of ATO called to suggest that as a
> sole-trader (not a company), I can manage activity statements and
> superannuation through the ATO linked service on https://my.gov.au. I
> tried this and after doing the necessary linking security questions, I
> get essentially the exact same functionality I had via the ATO Business
> Portal.
> This isn't an option for companies though, who are forced to use MyGovID
> so that multiple authorised people can access these features on the ATO
> Business Portal.

This is quite topical, as that's also the only self-lodgement option
when applying for the JobKeeper payment, in order to help keep one's
employees on for the next few months of the current crisis -- a process
we're told that around 850,000 Australian businesses are about to go
through on Monday (applications to be open from 20 Apr).

For the time being, the best workaround seems to be simply to lodge via
a registered tax agent, then claim the agent's fees as an expense in
the next period.

Of course the tax agents are probably also being forced to use non-free
software, but at least this approach allows us to prevent our own
companies from being infected with any non-free software: I like to
think of it as paying the tax agent danger money for running software
that cannot be audited.



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