[Linux-aus] Membership Renewal Link Fail

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Sun Sep 1 09:56:58 AEST 2019

Thanks Mark for pointing this out.

As the person who had the most to do with implementing the new website / 
membership system last year, this is my bad.

I don't want to speak for Council, but I don't think I'm overstepping 
the mark by explaining that renewals were implemented in the new 
membership system so that we could keep the membership list current, in 
line with the Linux Australia constitution and our obligations under NSW 
(LA is an incorporated association in the state of NSW).

To renew;

1. Go to https://linux.org.au

2. Log in at https://linux.org.au/wp-login.php

3. Go to the Member area at: https://linux.org.au/member-area/

4. Follow the links to renew your membership

Kind regards,


On 1/9/19 9:32 am, Mark Foster via linux-aus wrote:
> 'lo folks,
> I recently received an email prompting me to ensure my Linux Australia 
> membership is renewed, which is fine, but the link it presents is to a 
> non-existant DNS record (linux.launchpad.agileware.com.au).
> Just me, or is this a bit of a fail?
> Cheers
> Mark.
> PS: linux.org.au doesn't even have an SPF record published, perhaps 
> something the Council should be considering? Soft-Fail is a thing...
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