[Linux-aus] Submissions to the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM) re: AAbill due 1 November

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Wed Oct 23 13:50:52 AEDT 2019

Good afternoon fine humans,

Another fine human reminded me of this earlier today.

As you may be aware, the INSLM has extended calls for submissions into 
the AAbill to 1 November - about a week away.


The passing of this retrograde, ill-conceived and deeply problematic 
legislation last year with bipartisan support, against the advice of the 
entire IT industry, beggared belief.

In the interim we have witnessed the erosion of press freedom, 
whistle-blowing and safe disclosure capabilities, and the international 
evaporation of trust in Australia's digital and IT capabilities - and, 
IMHO, quite rightly so.

We're tired. We're tired of trying to fight the good fight. It feels 
like our voice goes unheeded, and that our small efforts do not shift 
the needle.

We're busy. We all have hundreds of things going on in our lives - 
study, partners, children, work and so on. We don't have the headspace 
for yet another thing.

However, this legislation represents a key inflection point in 
Australia's digital - and security - future. We must resist it, because 
the alternative is an Australia none of want to see realised.

Is there anyone who could take lead on a submission? Who could put 
together a couple paragraphs? Who could proof read? Together we can help 
point our nation on an ever-so-slightly different path.

With kind regards,


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