[Linux-aus] Have you considered nominating for a position on the Linux Australia Council?

Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Mon Dec 16 17:37:37 AEDT 2019

G'day folx,

You will have seen the official notifications go out from the current LA 
Council. As someone who served on Council for five years as Sec, VP and 
Pres, I'd like to add a few (unofficial) cents to the conversation.

        Being a force for change

Is there something you think LA doesn't do well? Some sort of change or 
program you would like to see implemented? Being on Council is an 
opportunity to do this, to set projects in motion and be able to work 
with others to see them come to fruition. It might be one big thing, or 
a bundle of smaller changes you'd like to make, but your efforts can 
have lasting change on the LA organisation, and, importantly, the wider 
opensource community LA serves.

        I wish Linux Australia would do X...

If you've ever thought "I wish Linux Australia would do X", well, now is 
your opportunity to do X. All too often I see comments lamenting that LA 
doesn't do enough $BLAH, or needs to change their approach to $BLERGH. 
LA Council is 7 people, supported by a handful of active Subcommittees, 
like Admin Team, Media & Web Team and event teams. Feedback and a desire 
to improve are great. Effort to realise lasting change is better.

        A stronger resume

Previous opportunities I've been offered have been in no small part 
because of my experience heading up Linux Australia. Serving on Council 
is hard work. It's challenging. But it's also great experience, and 
employers recognise that.

        As a volunteer organisation, Linux Australia is reliant on
        volunteers for organisational survival

For better or worse, Linux Aus is an entirely volunteer organisation. 
Council are not paid, Event organisers are not paid. Linux Aus relies on 
people putting their hand up to remain strong. We're in an enviable 
position compared to other not for profits in Australia; we host a 
portfolio of events, have strong membership, and money in the bank. That 
position has been won through the laudable efforts of volunteers for 
over 20 years. Without that volunteer force, the organisation may, over 
time, take the dwindling and dormant path so many other similar 
organisations now find themselves in. That means every year people need 
to put their hand up to keep carrying the organisation forward.

        Different voices and different perspectives help make us stronger

It's great to have a mix of continuity and fresh faces on Council. 
People with previous experience have organisational history, a network 
of contacts and know what needs to be done. New additions bring fresh 
perspectives, ideas and talents, and the ability to question the status 
quo. Different genders, backgrounds and experiences help different 
perspectives to be represented and voiced.

Please consider nominating.

Kind regards,


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