[Linux-aus] LCA2020 Kernel Miniconf - still accepting proposals!

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Wed Dec 11 16:35:45 AEDT 2019

On Tue, 3 Dec 2019 at 14:11, Andrew Donnellan <andrew at donnellan.id.au>

> The LCA Kernel Miniconf is being held on Tuesday 14 January.
> The Kernel Miniconf is a single-day miniconf track about everything
> related to the kernel and low-level systems programming.
> The Kernel Miniconf will focus on a variety of kernel-related topics -
> technical presentations on up-and-coming kernel developments, the future
> direction of the kernel, and kernel development community and process
> matters. Past Kernel Miniconfs have included technical talks on topics such
> as memory management, RCU, scheduling and filesystems, as well as talks on
> Linux kernel community topics such as licensing and Linux kernel
> development process.
> We invite submissions on anything related to kernel and low-level systems
> programming. We welcome submissions from developers of all levels of
> experience in the kernel community, covering a broad range of topics. The
> focus of the miniconf will primarily be on Linux, however non-Linux talks
> of sufficient interest to a primarily Linux audience will be considered.
> ** Full details at: http://lca-kernel.ozlabs.org/2020-cfs.html **
> ** Submissions close 8 December! **
> * We're still a bit on the low side submissions-wise, so if you know any
> kernel hackers who are coming to LCA, I'd love if you could ping them and
> suggest they submit. We'd also love to hear from potential first time
> speakers with all levels of experience. *
> There are 11 other miniconfs being held at LCA2020 and looking for
> submissions - see https://linux.conf.au/programme/miniconfs/ and check
> out the full list if you haven't already.

I have extended the deadline for submissions to 22 December - if you've
been thinking about submitting a talk please get it in!

Please note that we may choose to close submissions earlier depending on
the number of submissions we've received.

If you've got any questions please don't hesitate to email me.


Andrew Donnellan
http://andrew.donnellan.id.au         andrew at donnellan.id.au
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