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> On Mon, 2018-11-05 at 15:23 +1100, Mark Phillips via linux-aus wrote:
> > PPS. I am also a bit worried that LA as a body didn't submit anything
> > either. So next time something like this comes up,  I'll be asking
> > for contributions from both OSIA and LA.
> As it happens LA did put it's signature on a submission.  Should the
> government ever publish the submissions you will see it there. I also
> submitted a personal view point.
> I suspect the submissions received where were overwhelming negative,
> and the reason they aren't published is doing so would hinder the
> governments agenda, which is to get the bill through the senate.
> If those guesses are true additional submissions aren't going to help.
> The citizens and civil society have made their position very clear to
> their government.

They were all published several weeks ago (well, maybe not "all" but they
seem to imply that everyone who gave consent to publication has had theirs
published, and both mine and yours are available there).


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