[Linux-aus] DKIM yet again

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Mon Dec 31 16:33:14 AEDT 2018

> I'm certainly not seeing the swathe of unsubscribes (either DKIM related 
> or deleted addresses) that you are, can you give me an idea of what rate 
> you're seeing them at?

Basically every message that comes in is picked up by the spam filter
as likely spam, due to the DKIM failure.  I worked around the issue by
whitelisting the linux-aus list on my mail server, but this is just
sweeping the problem under the carpet.

If other mail servers aren't configured quite so harshly against DKIM
verification failures, them the symptom is that messages from the list
will be randomly lost as a spam filter somewhere eats them.  I'm not
sure how many list members seem to only receive half of a conversation
thread but if you seem to be missing messages here and there, this is
likely why.

Philosophically it is a problem if we, as technical people, are
encouraging the adoption of DKIM and other technologies to help reduce
spam, but then we can't even get them to work on our own
infrastructure.  Who is going to rush to implement this stuff on their
own servers when the experts are still busy figuring out workarounds?

I have yet to see an e-mail list configured correctly that works with
DKIM, so I am not convinced that this config change will fix the
problem.  However linux-aus is in many ways the perfect place to try to
get it working, so that we can use it as an example for others to

Just to be perfectly clear I am not being critical at all of anyone
involved with the infrastructure here, I am speaking in general terms
as like I said this is far from the only mailing list with the problem.
As a volunteer on other committees I know only too well how thankless
it often can be, so I certainly don't want to come across as being
unappreciative of anyone's effort.


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