[Linux-aus] DKIM yet again

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Dec 31 11:44:36 AEDT 2018

huh? you need a council meeting to determine if someone can add a simple
setting to mailman? like...  WTF ? 

Are any of you actually system administrators?  if you are, hang your
heads in shame if you are that dictatorial over what the sysadmin team
can do on the mail/list server, a task that would take no more than 30

On 31/12/2018 00:46, Linux Australia President via linux-aus wrote:

> Hi Russell, the Council is busy with reporting requirements and an election before the AGM; this is not a priority for us currently. We will revisit this if we have time.
> Regards,
> Kathy
> On 25/12/18 9:52 am, Russell Coker via linux-aus wrote: 
>> https://lists.linux.org.au/pipermail/linux-aus/2017-July/023173.html
>> Here's a link to a previous discussion of DKIM and Linux Australia lists,
>> which contains links to previous discussions dating back to 2013.
>> Below are the log entries about the latest DKIM failure.  Could someone please
>> set REMOVE_DKIM_HEADERS=Yes in Mailman to solve this issue?
>> Also it would be ideal if messages sent out by the Linux Australia servers
>> were DKIM signed.
>> Dec 24 20:25:05 smtp postfix/smtpd[11955]: 5B8CBF638:
>> client=mailhost.linux.org.au[]
>> Dec 24 20:25:05 smtp postfix/cleanup[12096]: 5B8CBF638: message-id=<492883e1-
>> bd70-ce68-93d2-8d80f94d3631 at linux.org.au>
>> Dec 24 20:25:06 smtp opendkim[683]: 5B8CBF638: s=default d=kathyreid.id.au SSL
>> error:04091068:rsa routines:int_rsa_verify:bad signature
>> Dec 24 20:25:06 smtp opendkim[683]: 5B8CBF638: bad signature data
>> Dec 24 20:25:06 smtp postfix/cleanup[12096]: 5B8CBF638: milter-reject: END-OF-
>> MESSAGE from mailhost.linux.org.au[]: 5.7.0 bad DKIM signature
>> data; from=<announce-bounces at lists.linux.org.au> to=<russell at coker.com.au>
>> proto=ESMTP helo=<mailhost.linux.org.au>
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Noel Butler 

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