[Linux-aus] Hugh Blemings - not seeking nomination for Council in 2019

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Tue Dec 18 15:41:50 AEDT 2018


Prompted in part by Kathy's recent email, it seemed appropriate to note 
my own intentions not to seek nomination for a role on the Linux 
Australia Council for 2019.

This decision a reflection of nothing more than expected changes to my 
personal and professional circumstances during the course of 2019.

In both spheres said changes very much positive - for example an 
exciting and busy year ahead for OpenPOWER and likely moving house as well.

Given I found my time stretched in the 2nd half of 2018 it seems prudent 
to leave the chair vacant for someone better able to commit time to Council.

I will note that I believe a number of roles will be vacant this 
election so if you've been contemplating putting your hand up, now would 
be an excellent time to do so!

My thanks to my colleagues on Council and the broader community for 
being such wonderful folk to work with, it's been a privilege to serve 
over the last few years.

All the best,

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