[Linux-aus] READ ME: New Linux Australia Membership system and what you have to do

Julien Goodwin jgoodwin at studio442.com.au
Fri Dec 14 22:54:58 AEDT 2018

On 14/12/18 4:56 am, Linux Australia President via linux-aus wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Over the last year, the Linux Australia Council has been undertaking
> actions to renew both our web presence and our membership database.
> These projects have several drivers. Our existing web presence is dated,
> and the software stack on which it resides is difficult to maintain
> without significant effort. Our previous platform, MemberDB, is over 10
> years old, and while it served us well, it is very definitely end of life.
> To this end, we undertook a competitive quote process and engaged the
> services of Agileware, a Canberra-based WordPress, Drupal and CiviCRM
> vendor. We've worked closely with Agileware over the last few months and
> the new website and membership database is now live. The new system is
> CiviCRM with WordPress.
> The new system requires some actions on your part as a Linux Australia
> member, and this email clearly communicates what to expect, what we need
> you to do, and where you can go for help and assistance.
> https://linux.org.au
>     Membership renewal and how to renew your membership
> Due to our requirements as an incorporated association in the state of
> NSW, governed by the NSW Office of Fair Trading, we are implementing
> membership renewal. All existing records in MemberDB have been imported
> into the new Membership system based on CiviCRM, but they will need to
> be 'activated' by you to renew your membership.
> 1. Go to https://linux.org.au and click on the 'Login' button, and using
> your email address from MemberDB, reset your password. A confirmation of
> reset will be sent to your email address.
> 2. Log in to the website using your new password.
> 3. Click on the 'Member area' button
> 4. Select 'Renew Membership'
> 5. Update your Member details

Instead of the form I simply get a message stating "Your membership is
not currently due for renewal".

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