[Linux-aus] Encryption bill and open source

Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Fri Dec 7 18:46:11 AEDT 2018

On Fri, Dec 07, 2018 at 08:19:02AM +1000, Paul Gear via linux-aus wrote:
> Is there still time to call our MPs?  (Not being a mainstream news watcher/
> reader, I don't know the best source to find this out.)

Well, there's always time to call your MP; but given they barely
listened to legal and technical concerns so far, I don't see why that
would change? I guess I'm leaning towards something along the lines of:

 "Thankyou for voting for the absurd Assistance and Access bills without
  amendments. It has been evident from the leadership debacles within
  both the Liberal and Labor parties over the past decade that Australia's
  interests are not at the forefront of your minds, but the poor drafting
  and disregard for public consultation in this bill makes it crystal
  clear neither party prioritises responsible governance at all any

  While I hope you will be able to follow through on your commitments
  to amend the bill, I cannot say I have any confidence that you will
  do so, as it seems the Lucky Country's good luck in having a broadly
  competent political class on both sides of politics has run out.

  I look forward to expressing my opinions further at the forthcoming

  Sincerely, etc"

and encouraging people to vote Labor/Liberal equal last on ballots,
so neither party even benefits from preference flows. I guess I could
imagine forgiving the Nationals and Hinch and co for being swept along,
but both Labor and the Libs should be able to stand up to the security
agencies in support of good governance processes. They evidently can't
do that anymore, so what use are they? Maybe given some time to think
it over something more moderate will come to mind.

Based on reddit/theyvoteforyou, the minor party votes were:

 - against:
    Greens (Di Natale, Faruqi, Hanson-Young, McKim, Rice, Siewert,
            Steele-John, Waters, Whish-Wilson)
    Centre-Alliance (Griff, Patrick)
    Independent (Storer)

 - missing:
    Australian Conservatives (Bernardi)
    Independent (Anning)
    LDP (Leyonhjelm)
    Nationals (Scullion, Canavan, Martin, O'Sullivan, Williams)

 - for:
    Hinch (Hinch)
    One Nation (Georgiou, Hanson)
    Nationals (McKenzie)
    United Australia Party (Burston)

 - missing ALP/Lib:
    ALP (Brown, Dodson, Lines, Marshall, Polley, Watta)
    Liberal (Abetz, Gichuhi, Paterson, Payne, Sinodinos)

I guess most of the missing Nationals were on planes back home by the
time of the vote? Or perhaps had just left the chamber to avoid the
asylum filibuster or whatever it was? And Leyonhjelm is disappointing
as usual. At least it leaves a handful of experienced senators to vote
for with the Greens on the left and the ex-Xenophon Centre Alliance on
the right(ish?).

Upside: I had been thinking of voting for Bill Shorten's Labor, even
as 1st preference, last Sunday. At least I don't have to consider that
any more!


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