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Hi everyone,

At the end of 30th  November, the following nominations were received
for the Rusty Wrench award. Nominee details are withheld to protect

We will now work with the Rusty Wrench team to determine the recipient,
which will be announced at LCA2019 in Christchurch.

A huge thank you to all those who made a nomination, and much kudos to
all nominees for the respect you've garnered in our community.

Kind regards,


Nominee 	Reason
Paul King 	Paul's contributions over the last 12 years to the groovy
project have

benefited us all, both directly, and indirectly via gradle.  He's also

given speeches and written books on groovy to enlighten us all.  In

2010 he received the RockStar award at JavaOne.
Tim Ansell 	I'd like to nominate Tim Ansell for the Rusty Wrench Award.
Over the years he has done a lot for Open Source in Australia, including:

- founded pyconau
- done video at many LA conferences for many years, including personally
funding a huge amount of development to get us to where we are today
- massively improved the open FPGA space
- done tomu
- run SLUG
- etc etc
- and been a generally nice guy

I think the timing is nice as he is getting dragged to the US for FPGA
things, and I'd like a way to say that we've appreciated his efforts
over the years.
Joshua Hesketh 	Joshua exemplifies what it means to be a community
leader in open
source. His efforts in Linux Australia and in linux.conf.au 2017 in
Tasmania, his diplomatic style, attention to detail and all around
respect make him a role model for others to aspire to.
Joshua Hesketh 	I'd like to nominate Josh Hesketh as he is the community
member that we should all aspire to be. He goes above and beyond when
volunteering for this organisation. He helps us Council members when in
need of wisdom, advice, help with that pesky MemberDB. He helps and
chairs the Diversity Team and brings a level headed and fair approach in
whatever situation he is thrown into. And finally he is just an overall
decent person.
Richard Jones 	For his years of work making PyCon AU happen, for his
work on Python and PyPI, and his continued support of young Python
developers through initiatives like https://pyweek.org/
Christopher Neugebauer 	For his years of work organising PyCon AU,
Linux.conf.au, Lightning Talk Tzar For Life, and continuing to bring
python conferences to life even after leaving Australia. By 2019 he
would have been working to help make space for people to learn and teach
open source ideals for at least a full decade; not bad for someone so
(relatively) young. <http://Linux.conf.au>

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