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Hi everyone,

This Grant Application was considered at Council meeting 12th October,
and has been approved to the value of $AUD 1500

BuzzConf grant submission for review 2017-10-12:

MOTION by Kathy Reid that Linux Aus provide a grant to BuzzConf of $1500
noting that this will specifically be used to encourage children to use
Open Source Hardware. Seconded by Russell Stuart. Passed unanimously.

ACTION Kathy to communicate the outcome of this grant.

Council noted that the grant request is specifically for open source
hardware, which will be used to increase engagement of children with
technology. We noted the strong community feedback around this request,
and the distinction between the overall BuzzConf focus, and this
particular element of the event.

NEXT ACTION: Ben, could you please raise an Invoice to Linux Australia
for this amount and we'll get it paid ASAP,

Kind regards,


On 18/09/17 20:19, Ben Dechrai via linux-aus wrote:
> Dear LA council and members,
> You may have heard about BuzzConf <https://buzzconf.io/>. It's an
> annual technology festival that's about to see its third event run
> from Dec 1st to 3rd. Take liberal portions of tech conference, mix in
> a family friendly atmosphere, a strong focus on diversity, and the
> party atmosphere of a music festival, and you're on the right track.
> This year, we've had a fantastic number of submissions to the kids
> track <https://buzzconf.io/kids-track/>, and have enough to run two
> tracks for them! Some of them require the supply of hardware, in
> particular:
>> *Nightmare Light*
>> In this workshop we will help you design, build and program a
>> nightmare-light. We’ll have sensors available for those who want to
>> detect ambient light for an extra challenge. The workshop is geared
>> towards children but those young-at-heart are welcome to join too!
>> Younger children can participate too if they have an overseeing
>> parent to help them.
>> Participation is $30 per person to cover hardware costs. Each person
>> will get a kit with:
>> 1 x Arduino (will need a USB cable for programming)
>> 1 x Photo resistor
>> 1 x LED light pack
>> 1 x Battery
>> 1 x Set of wires (for electrical connection)
> Children attend BuzzConf for free and get their own educational track,
> because we want to make events like these as accessible as possible to
> families, especially single-parent families, who often can't get to
> conferences.
> In this spirit, we'd love to cover all workshop costs for children
> too. We currently have 37 child tickets sold, with 13 more available.
> With an anticipated 20-30 children making a nightmare light, the
> workshop organiser will be supplying $600 - $900 worth of hardware.
> CoderDojo Carlton are also running a number of workshops and, while
> they will be bringing hardware from their pool, they anticipate
> incurring costs of around $65 for the components that kids will be
> taking away (conductive tape, and LEDs).
> We are seeking funding to cover the cost to the organisers of running
> the children's workshops, estimated at no more than $1,000. Would LA
> be amenable to covering this cost? After the event, we would provide a
> detailed itinerary and costs of hardware that was given to the kids
> (we wouldn't expect workshop organisers to be reimbursed for hardware
> that they don't give away), so that LA's contribution is only for
> those costs. It may, in this scenario, be easier for this request to
> be that the organisers are paid directly by LA, and that we are
> seeking funding on their behalf.
> In acknowledgement of this support, we would including LA's logo on
> our website as a Festival Sponsor (a $1,000 value in our sponsor doc).
> On the off-chance that LA would consider a larger investment, in order
> to run the two tracks for children, we are needing to secure
> additional facilities, such as tables, tents, power, and projection
> facilities. If LA were to consider a $5,000 investment and become a
> Festival Partner, we would prioritise these funds to ensure the
> children's workshop cost outlined above are covered first and
> foremost. The remainder would help us with the increased costs of
> additional facilities. The Festival Partner support level also
> includes two festival tickets, which LA could use as they wish. (You
> might want to send some representatives of LA, or give them away to
> the community. We could help promote any activity around making these
> available to others.)
> Many thanks in advance for your consideration. I welcome any questions
> for clarification.
> Ben Dechrai
> Co-founder, BuzzConf Technology Festival
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