[Linux-aus] Linux Australia has voted in favour of removing Mr Stuart Benjamin as the Chair of auDA

Craige McWhirter craige at mcwhirter.com.au
Mon Jul 31 08:08:01 AEST 2017

On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 14:49:25 +1000, Linux Australia President via linux-aus wrote:
>    Hi everyone,

G'day Kathy.

>    In line with our organisational values of openness, respect and
>    transparency, I'd like to communicate to you a decision that Council has
>    today taken regarding the Special General Meeting (SGM) of auDA

Thank you for your transparency on this.

>    After consultation with other Council members, this afternoon I signed a
>    proxy vote form, requesting that Mr Ned O'Meara act as our proxy at this
>    meeting, and vote to remove Mr Benjamin.

This communication was very complete but unless I missed it, I haven't seen
whom we're voting to replace Mr Benjamin with and how they plan to address the
concerns you've raised.

Thanks :-)

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