[Linux-aus] Request for Qualified Opinion: netperf, iperf, others

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Tue Jul 25 08:55:31 AEST 2017

Hi all

I'm looking for qualified opinions on netperf, iperf, and other options.
Use case:
 - measuring network reliability;
 - optionally throughput;
 - mainly interest TCP;
 - not just on LAN (e.g. test can traverse or terminate on public Internet)

Current in Debian/Ubuntu space is netperf 2.6
There is a curiosity there - according to netperf's author, netperf 2.6 uses a homebrew license. He refers to a netperf4 (also by him) which is GPLv2 hosted on github, and indeed it's there.
Nevertheless it's netperf 2.6 that's in Debian. Que? Where is NetPerf4?

iperf declares itself more modern and much easier to use, however it appears to be capable of fewer tests (not necessarily an issue for this use case).
iperf 2 is still around in package repos and is rather old.
iperf3 is a rewrite and appears active. Good.

Because they all require a server side to talk to, choices need to be made.
And iperf3 is not backwards compatible so it can not talk with iperf2 servers.

Netperf still appears to be widely used anyhow, but naturally since use cases differ that's not necessarily a generic endorsement.
So, your opinions, given the stated use case?

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