[Linux-aus] Attorney-General's Dept seeks submissions on the use of metadata as evidence in civil proceedings

Michael Van Delft michael at hybr.id.au
Wed Jan 11 14:11:50 AEDT 2017

Something that's just been picked up on the ITPA forums (was SAGE-AU) is
that the section of the Data Retention FAQs that talked about use in
copyright enforcement has now been removed, previously it said:

> **Will data retention be used for copyright enforcement?**
> The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 only allows
access for limited purposes,
> such as criminal law enforcement matters. Breach of copyright is
generally a civil law wrong.
> The Act will preclude access to telecommunications data retained solely
for the purpose of
> complying with the mandatory data retention scheme for the purposes of
civil litigation.

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