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Tue Feb 21 11:19:04 AEDT 2017

Hi everyone,

A quick note just to keep you all updated with LA's activities - minutes
of our meetings will be published in due course.

        LCA2019 formally awarded

linux.conf.au 2019 has been formally awarded to $city, after Bid
Inspections were recently carried out. Many thanks to Josh Stewart and
Hugh Blemings for their efforts here, especially as Antarctica is so
cold this time of year ;-)

Bids for linux.conf.au 2020 will open around June-July of this year, so
if you'd like linux.conf.au in your city then start to think about
putting a bid together. 

        LCA2018 Ghosts in early April

Bruce Crawley, James Polley and the LCA2018 team will be convening
Ghosts in Sydney in early April to learn from the wisdom of previous
linux.conf.au teams.

        Linux Users Victoria is accepted as a Linux Australia Subcommittee

Linux Users of Victoria recently voted to disincorporate, and to form as
an LA Subcommittee. LA have voted to accept LUV as a Subcommittee. There
is still some administrivia to work through, however we expect to be
welcoming Andrew Pam and his team as a Subcommittee in due course - a
warm welcome to you all.

        Linux Australia auspicing WordCamp Brisbane 2017

We're delighted to be auspicing WordCamp Brisbane this year, which will
be in July-ish [0]. Big thanks to Dion Hulse and the team for what's
shaping up to be another great WordCamp event.

We're also in conversations with WordCamp.org around how Linux Australia
can better support WordPress Meetups in Australia. Stay tuned.

        Membership platform, rebrand etc.

We're going to do our brand refresh before we do the Membership Platform
refresh to reduce rework. Stay tuned, or if you'd like to be involved
let us know.

        Grant Applications received: 0

We are yet to receive any Grant Applications in the 2017 Grant Program
[1]. There's $AUD 35k sitting on the table. Don't leave it there. Get
the word out. Seriously. How often do we hear "there's no money in open
source", or "no one will fund us to do X". In particular, have a look at
our priority / weighted projects and see if they appeal to you or your
colleagues. I don't want this $35k sitting in the bank account earning
paltry interest. Put it to work doing Good Things.

Kind regards,


[0] https://2017.brisbane.wordcamp.org/
[1] https://linux.org.au/projects/grants

Kathy Reid
Linux Australia

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president at linux.org.au

Linux Australia Inc
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Sydney NSW 2001

ABN 56 987 117 479 

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