[Linux-aus] Should Linux Australia change its name to Open Source Australia?

Linux Australia President president at linux.org.au
Wed Dec 20 12:56:49 AEDT 2017

On 20/12/17 01:37, Brenda Aynsley via linux-aus wrote:

>> Should Linux Australia change its name to Open Source Australia (Yes/No)
> NO
> Why? Not because I am engaged in a religious war on the various
> aspects of open source theology but because OSIA open source industry
> australia exists and has done for a decade or more.  To rename LA to
> OSA open source australia is to court confusion in the market and the
> community/ies  and to what end?
> Sorry Kathy and I know you dont want to start name shopping but if we
> are to change name then it needs to be to one that does not walk into
> confusion from the get go.
> cheers
> brenda

Thanks for the feedback Brenda - a key reason for choosing "Open Source
Australia" as an alternative name was that it was the highest ranked
choice in the previous debate over whether to change the name.

Kind regards,

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